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Reliable, high quality clinical supervision is integral to reflective practice, developing professional skills and delivering an effective and safe service. 

What's Supervision?

Supervision is a process in which       professionals reflect on their practice to learn from their experiences and develop their skills. The role of the supervisor of to provide a safe space for the supervisee to honestly reflect, without fear of judgement. The supervisor will help the supervisee become aware of different processes impacting their practice and offer advice and guidance to help them perform to their true potential. 

How it's delivered...

We offer flexible supervision arrangements to suit your needs. We are  experienced in delivering supervision to individuals  and groups. These can be in person at your place of work, at our clinic or through video calls, which many prefer due to the convenience this option provides and no travel costs!

"Brad is a fantastic supervisor. He helped me be more reflective in my clinical practice and approach challenges in a proactive way that I encounter on a day to day basis. Through supervision, Brad has helped me to develop my clinical skills and think of different ways to work and use therapeutic approach."

Who we supervise...

We have experience supervising a diverse range of professionals. These include clinical and counselling psychologists, trainee psychologists, assistant psychologists, social workers, residential home managers, support workers, head teachers, teachers and youth justice teams. 

Why choose us?

As we have experinece in a range of  therapeutic approaches and clinical setting we are incredibly versatile to meet your supervision needs. 

If you have a particular interest in your work with men and boys ,or this is the group you primarily work with, we can support and develop your practice to help you fulfil your potential in this challenging area of expertise. 

"Brad has provided me with a space to reflect on clinical issues as well as somewhere to process my emotions. He has provided both me and my team with valuable training sessions and I would recommend him to anyone.

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Brad has the unique ability to make people feel comfortable in their skin. This is why it is so easy to speak to him without feeling compromised, embarrassed or ashamed. He has a gentle approach and sessions often feel like a chat, rather than therapy. After my final session, I felt lighter, had clarity and a clear plan for moving forward.


If you are seeking supervision for yourself or team, click the button and leave your details...

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